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PDCSpaCover.com has replacement spa covers available for all PDC Spa Hot Tub Models including the Aruba II, Balboa, Bali, Bermuda, Boulder, Carmel, Caymen, Chaise, Cozumel, Diamond Anniv, Dynasty, Fiji, Freeport, Laguna, Malibu, Mardi Gras, Martinique, Maui, Monterey, Nassau, Newport, Oahu, Ottawa Elite, Rio, Riviera, Sunrise, Sunsetter, Supra, Tahoe, Vancouver, Waikiki, XTR-2000, XTR-2001 and XTR-2002. If you do not see your model listed, no problem, we can still make a great cover for your spa.

PDCspacover.com has an Encyclopedia of different spa manufacturers and their spas. We utilize this resource to match up the correct spa cover dimensions to your spa.

The Best Replacement Spa Covers money can buy. Five year warranty against water absorption included on all covers. Manufactured using marine grade vinyl and energy efficient polystyrene inserts. The inserts are heat sealed with a poly vapor moisture barrier to protect against water absorption. UV inhibitors in both the vinyl and thread prevent premature aging of your spa cover. This all adds up to a great replacement spa cover providing a durable and lasting cover. 1-856-437-0185

Spa Cover Radius Corner
Each Spa Cover offers a 2" X 4" 1 lb density Tapered Foam core. Heavy duty marine grade vinyl covering.
Spa Cover Safety Latch
Each Model has Four Child Resistant Lock Tie Downs with keyed lock fasteners (One strap on each side of cover for the most secure locations).
Spa Cover Center Support
Aluminum Center Channel for center support (resists sagging).
Spa Cover Carry Handles
Two carry handles included (one on each end). Our spa covers will now feature WEBBING HANDLES!The webbing handle will offer a durable, box “X” triple layer handle!Looks good and adds up to a far superior product.
Spa Cover Steam Stopper
Steam Stoppers to prevent heat from getting out of the cover through the center fold.
Spa Cover SteamStopper
The Steam Stopper is shown here with the cover open. The gray arm of an optional cover lifter is also shown in the image.
Spa Cover Underside
The bottom of cover is made of a fine mesh screening for breath-ability of the foam core (so it does not get soggy and stinky). The foam itself is wrapped in a perma-plastic liner to resist water absorption.